Welcome to Aristocats2

Welcome to Aristocats2


About Us


Why we are the best!

Aristocats2 has it's foundings from Aristocats Hotel & Spa in Oklahoma City, with it's $500,000 facility. Thats right half a million dollar facility!   Started and founded by Allennia and Jean Voerster, Vickie has learned from the best and is the only person that has been approved to use their name.   

Vickie has built up her business under the same model and is the most successful cat groomer in the area.   Vickie is dedicated to providing your cat with the best Grooming/Boarding experiences.​    


Cat Taxi

A unique service if you are a shut-in or are unable to drive, our Cat Taxi can come pick up your kitty or cat.   Just give us a call and we will let you know the details. 


Boarding rooms NOT cages!

Aristocats2 provides a home away from home atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else in this area.

 Our cat hotel rooms are large open rooms (3.5' W x 4.5' L x 7' H) with furniture and bedding included at no additional charge.

 Our cat guests will be able to move around, jump or climb just like they do at home.   We provide our feline guest a quiet, relaxing vacation while their owner is away.  

This also provides the client peace of mind that their fur baby will be well cared for, safe and loved.