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commonly asked questions

Do we groom Dogs?



 Cat Grooming & Pet Grooming are two  different things. We specialize in cats so that your cat will get the best possible grooming experience. 

Do we allow Dogs?


 No  Way! We want our cat guests to be stress free, happy & calm. Vet offices and other boarding & grooming facilities have a ton of stress for the cats with all the smells and noises from dogs & other animals. 

What does my cat eat?


 Cats should stay on their current diet while boarding, please bring enough food for their vacation. Cats can get diarrhea, refuse to eat or throw it back up, it's just not a good thing to change their diet. Besides when you go on vacation you want YOUR favorite food right?! Don't mess with your FUR BABIES FOOD! 

What about shot records?


 Yes! For the safety of the groomers and all involved we need those records on your 1st visit. After that only yearly updated records are needed. Grooming only needs a Rabies shot. Boarding needs Rabies & a FVRCP Vaccine. 

Should I bring Toys?


 Yes, you are more than welcome to bring anything you like to make your cats stay as  comfortable as possible. Depending on your needs and your cats demeanor we let them into the hallway (1 at a time) and play with them. It's half up to you and ALL about them. 

Should I bring Litter?


 No, we provide all the litter that your cat will need for their vacation with Aristocats2. We clean the littler box at least twice a day!