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So you are going on vacation. Where is your pet staying?

Everybody else




All the Luxuries of Home

Plenty of Room

Our cat hotel rooms are large open rooms (3.5' W x 4.5' L x 7' H) with furniture and bedding included at (no additional charge).  PLUS each room can house up to 3 of your cats (providing they get along).


Your cat will enjoy their room with either their favorite toy or use one of ours, your cat will have fun either way.

Food & Water

Cats are fed per owners instructions. And get fresh water every day. Keeping their regular schedule helps keep them stress free & happy.

Comfy Beds

You may bring your own or we furnish a nice comfy bed (free of charge) covered with baby blankets.

Scratching Posts

Each roomed is furnished with a tall cat tree, so your cat can climb or lounge around as any god or goddess does.

Cat Litter

Litter is provided Free of charge, and is cleaned at least twice a day. Not even cats like THOSE smells.